Getting Started with OrthoK

A groundbreaking, easy reading guide to OrthoK lens fitting, this book covers everything you need to know from understanding core concepts through to fitting your first patients and beyond.

Your captain on this journey through the OrthoK universe is Dr Paul Gifford, an industry leader with an unparalleled blend of clinical experience, research expertise and technical know-how of lens design and manufacture.

Get on board to secure your copy, and read the blog for a sneak peek of the voyage ahead.

A comprehensive knowledge base to get you started

Step by step guide to assist your first lens fits

Editable patient information templates 

Advice to guide you onward to more complex fits

Starting Rocket

E-book Content & Extras


Does your head hurt when looking at optical charts and design diagrams? Not in this book - professional learning blueprints communicate complex concepts in an understandable way.

Corneal topography

As the core tool underlying successful OrthoK fitting, this book will show you how to capture this right every time, to set up the perfect start and steps to each patient journey.

Lens designs

A comprehensive and unbiased guide to currently available lens designs will help you to decide which design to use and how to achieve the most from it.

Pattern recognition

Tell your frowney’s from your smiley’s and your bullseyes from your islands with guidance on the key factors of each topography outcome map type, to confidently guide your management.


Downloadable patient handout templates and guides are provided, which you can customise to suit your requirements and support your OrthoK management in practice.

...and Beyond

After learning the core concepts, this book will show you the way forward to more difficult fits including for astigmatism and myopia control.

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Educational, entertaining, easy to read

"It can be hard to know where to get the information to start OrthoK fitting. The usual place is at conferences but these may not suit the timing and travel considerations of everyone, and can only include so much content in a set period of time. This book transcends this barrier to getting started with OrthoK by striking the perfect balance between the detail and the practical aspects, in an approachable writing style. This is the only guide you need to give you the confidence to understand OrthoK and how to put it into practice"

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